Using Multicolor LED Car Lights For Video

Emm over at CheesyCam has a great intro on using LED car lights for accent light or background light using an under-the-car glow kit and an iPhone app.

Using Multicolor LED Car Lights For Video

Those kits are usually placed under the car so they are pretty well build with some water resistance and protection against an accidental “bump”. This means that they are ideal as a portable kit.

They come in a few tubes with clips so you can pretty much set them up in any way you want. Emm placed them on a flat board which seems pretty quick and smart to me.

Best of all, they are controlled via Bluetooth, so you can set color, intensity and other more “wacko” modes with a remote or a dedicated iPhone app.

For the full hands down and some more LED light options head over to CheesyCam.


  1. Dandjstudios says

    THAT IS SICK!!! Can you put a link to where you can buy the tubes and the Brian it connects into!

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