Using IKEA Limbo For Product Photography

Even if you are not a big fan of IKEA furniture, you have to admit they are a heaven for hacktographers.

Leitz VIDOM Universal VARIO Finder

Here is the latest IKEA idea from DIYP’s Flickr community member Michele M. F.. Using the BOHOLMEN, a “Washing-up bowl and rinsing basket, white“, as IKEA defines it, as an impromptu light tent, after “helping” it a bit with a dremel.

Combined with a strobe shooting at the ceiling (which I have t o assume is white), the bounced and reflected light makes a great diffused light and background for small product photography.

While it is about $19.99 more expensive than its cheapo light tent sibling, the fact that it is made from plastics makes it much better for wet subject photography.

Here is how it looks like in action, strobe pointing up and all.

Ikea Mini  Limbo Background

[BOHOLMEN via Ikea Mini Limbo Background]