Using A Game Pad To Expedite Adobe Lightroom’s Workflow The Cheap Version

A little while back we shared three options on quickening your Lightroom workflow with the use of a game pad controller. And why not, game pads were designed for prolonged repetitive interaction, very similar to the actions you take when curating files in Lightroom. next, next, mark, next, mark… and so on for 1000 files.

Using A Game Pad To Expedite Adobe Lightroom's Workflow The Cheap Version

Here is the caveat, if you don’t want to spend $50 on the Cullinator or configure complicated software, you were left without options.

Paul over at thoughts on film shares another option, using a Logitech F310 which is ergonomic, cheap and can be configured for Lightroom right out of the box. (I suspect that higher models from this series share the same option)

This is what the configuring window looks like and it is very straight forward to use. Paul also includes a sample config file on his post.


For a complete account on Paul’s experience, a sample config files and keys assignment suggestions visit Paul’s blog.

  • lennartbnl

    I think you can also use your PS3 controller (if you happen to have one lying around), I believe (not sure though) with MotionInJoy software (free) you can just map the buttons to keypresses.

  • matt

    His set up is for a PC. Anyone have any idea if this is OS X compatible?