Synching Strobes With Fiber Optics Instead Of PC-Sync

While there are plenty of wireless triggers around, the most fail-safe way of triggering a strobe is still by using a sync cord. Alas, not all strobes come equipped with a sync jack (pc, or 1/8).

Marcell, A.K.A Fiberstrobe came up with a way to add a sync chord to any strobe that has an optical slave. In his case it was everybody’s lovable hackable strobe – the YN-460II. It synched wonderfully indoors but failed to fire under strong sun.


The YN460 does not have a PC or a 1/8 jack so actually an optical sync is the only solution if you are unwilling to add an external hot-shoe.

But, they don’t call him fiberstrobe for nothing. Using Velcro, cardboard and foamies, Marcell created an optical sync wire that works on light rather than closing an electrical circuit.

[DIY fiber sync cord]