Using A Go Pro Array For Bullet Time Effect

Marc Donahue from Perma Grin Films has quite a few tricks up his sleeve. Two of which are wonderfully demonstrated in the video below.

The first one is kinda new old trick where using an array of video cameras to create a bullet time effect. This one was shot entirely with GoPro Hero cameras mounted on (at least) two DIY rigs – a small rig that can be handheld (see 0:18) and a bigger rig that give a wider angle (see 0:50).

The other, more interesting thing for me was a technique Marc calls Lyric-Lapsing. It’s a mix between stop motion and time lapse on a talking head, and it is highly surreal (see the intro at 0:16 and the conclusion at 2:00).

[My GoPro Array | Vimeo]

  • vtmiller

    TrippyMatrixStyle and very creative! I see a KickStarterProject in their future for the camera holder units.

  • Jon

    A surf company called Ripcurl did the gopro array a few years ago and the results were really great, wheras these guys don’t seem to set it on the exact same frame every time which causes this whole “warbling” or twitching effect. Granted, Ripcurl had 30 or so gopros wheras these guys have 15, but I don’t really think that has an effect on the smoothness so much as it allows you to create a longer bullet-time effect.

  • Benjamin Von Wong

    Loved the ending more than the actual video haha

  • Chris

    The Go Pros all need a sync port. Someone should write to them and ask them to put it on the next version. Then you would be able to do true bullet time.