Use Lego To Keep Your Lens Cap Safe

If someone made a survey and checked to see what is the one piece of equipment you loose most, I am willing to place dollars for pennies that the answer would be lens caps. Those things just keep getting lost. I guess this why you have so many lens cap holders solutions out there.

Here is a nice idea by Flickr user RawSniper1 that uses nothing but 2 pieces of Lego, has a really shallow footprint and will save your cap.

Use Lego To Keep Your Lens Cap Safe

It is probably one of those super simple ideas that make you smack your head and say how come I did not think about it before.

You would need a drill, some glue and a bit of wire to make this, but it is totally worth it if just for the innovation of using Lego in your process.

P.S. if you want something a bit more fancy, you can check Benny Johansson’s lens cap holder which is probably the cutest lens cap holder in the world.

[Lego Gear on Flickr]

  • cristian ienciu

    good idea for hipsters but vecro is much practical