Use A PVC Pipe Lock For A More Robust PVC Studio

pvc pipe lockWhat did you built for you studio this weekend? A backdrop mount? A Light Stand? A ghetto glamor contraption?

A dolly….?

If you are one of those PVC dudes (no shame in it. I am a PVC dude), you’re bound to appreciate this little PVC trick that makes binding pipes a snap. (pun completely intended).

Flickr user mr-quad share a great way to make any PVC studio construction quick to setup and quick to tear down.

pvc pipe lock

This stops any twisting or separation of your pvc frames.

you don’t have to glue any of the fittings to the pipe so you can take apart the frame and make other structures using every pipe and fitting.”

For full instructions and tut click the image above.

  • MMHM

    Where can I find this to buy ?