Use a Mouse Pad To Throw Cookies

Cookie Gun in ActionA few weeks back we shared a tutorial on how to convert your old film camera into a background projector (AKA Cookie Projector). Seems like this project grabbed a lot of attention, with one comment that kept coming back over and over: “Why Kill The Poor Camera?

Even a reference from Strobist seems to hint that if one goes through the agonizing process of un-hinging the back of a camera, they should “use it for good“.

Of course the initial intent was to use a camera that is unserviceable (as RC Hill did with the project we featured), yet, there had to be another way, a way that does not involve un-hinging or pliering the back of a camera. And indeed there is. (or actually Are, as there are two solutions found).*

(* no cameras were heart while making this post)

The Sushi Projector

The first way, suggested by Sheng Huang on the comments of the previous post has to do with making a sushi roll with 
A mouse pad for Nori; A Nifty 50 for Avocado; A strobe for Salmon; A Laser printed transparency for Ginger and Red gel for Wasabi

I would actually be kinda scared to put the full weight of a lens on a strobe like this, but the results are pretty satisfying to take the risk with one hand under the far end of the “snoot”.

My mouse pad cookie gun

Printed transparency with red gel

Cookie Gun in Action

The Rubber Drain Projector

The other invention courtesy of Keith Loh uses a drain pipe connector and a zoom lens to deliver similar results. The contraption seems a bit sturdier and it uses ball bungees to hold the thing together.

Cookie Gun Explained


Cookied Me

Would You Buy?

I was toying around with the thought of making a similar contraption the next DIYP Kit, I was wondering if there is any demand for it?