Use A Cheapo Inflatable Wheel To Create Wonderful Camera Tossing Pictures

cyclotronWe all love a good camera toss. Yes we do. What we don’t love is broken cameras. On the floor crushed to smithereens.

You can avoid the crush in several ways. My favorite being an hydraulic system pistons with two shock absorbing cushions on each direction. Of course that system is not invented yet, and even if it was, it would probably cost a small fortune. You know hydraulic pistons are sooooo expensive.

Lucky flickr user Robert Couse came up with a cheaper alternative. I, of course, strongly recommends against using it, unless you have an old canon lying around 😉

Enter Gaffers tape, cardboard and an inflatable device. The image is self explanatory.

99-cent throwing camera

Kinda reminds me of how you can use a Frisbee to protect your strobe. And here are some of the excellent results you can get using this wheel.

spin cycle

smoke and mirrors

lizard music