Ultrakam Brings 2K Video To iPhone 5S

If you’ve been upset with you the video that you iPhone produces, you may be pleasantly surprised with this new iPhone app: Ultrakam.


The App claims to provide full, uncompressed video from the iPhone 5 coming at 2K resolution (roughly twice the res of full HD – 1936X1446). iPhone 5S can push this res a bit further to 2240×1672. Both using the H.264 iFrame codec.


According to Blunty, who review the app, the video, indeed produces a full 2K res. Blunty suggests that the app bypasses the 1080p cap by taking the video directly from the photo preview stream rather than the video stream that comes from the video processor. Sadly the ratio is 3:4, so you would have to crop the photo to get a 2k cinematic ratio.

It seems that the tradeoff on this app is more pixels and better dynamic range, traded for a bit of noise.

Then again, at the highest setting of H.264, one minute of 2K iFrame video will take up to 3GB of memory on your device, so you probably can’t use it to shoot long footage.

Ultrakam also supports slo-mo and time-lapse mode, though I am not sure it is the feature that anyone would get it for.

Lastly, the app enables remote activation of the camera via bluetooth, but with no video feedback it is kinda hard to know what you are shooting, unless you are carefully staging the camera beforehand.

[Ultrakam, $7 on the App Store, Thanks for the head up, Itay]

  • http://origmedia.com Jeff Orig

    Seems real but feels like April fools.