Two Clever Hacks For Leveling A Light Blaster

It was only a matter of time until someone hacked the Light Blaster. Being a hack aware blog, it is not surprising such a hack found its way here. It is a small world in the photo-hacking industry :)

Two Clever Hacks For Leveling A Light Blaster

Photographer Ray Dauphinais of Creative Concept Studios, just sent me those two image with the following text attached.

The first uses a 2$ level to make sure that the Blaster projection is 100% leveled.

“Because there is not an easy way to make adjustments to the projected image, it takes me several tries to make the image level. Granted it doesn’t matter on some images but on many of mine it does. I have added a 2 way bubble level to the top of the casing. It is a quick and easy way to ensure the projected images is level and squared to the screen.”

Two Clever Hacka For Leveling A Light Blaster

The other hack is placing the Blaster on a mini ball head rather than on a light stand. This makes shifting from horizontal to vertical projection a breeze.

Two Clever Hacka For Leveling A Light Blaster

So a huge hats off goes to Ray for sharing those hacks.

  • john

    Are these real DIY or just a product push?

    • Ray Dauphinais


      I purchased a Light Blaster a few weeks ago and have had a lot of fun with it.

      Udi contacted me through Flickr and asked my opinion on the device. During those exchanges I shared 2 ‘modifications’ or hacks I’ve made to make it more ‘Ray’ friendly.

      Udi asked me if he could post an article on DIY Photography blog.

      It is in fact how I modified the Blaster to better suit my needs, it’s value as a DIY hack is for you to decide. If there is a ‘product push’ it is my me. It’s not perfect but a useful addition to my studio.


    • ext237

      Some folks can only contribute to a conversation with snark.

      Udi (and John), nice mod — maybe this will be a product addition for LB M2? :)

      And since Udi puts in countless hours consolidating new DIY projects into one location, spurring new ideas and techniques, I figure the occasional product push is completely reasonable. We all have bills to pay.

      • ext237

        Oh well look at that — my reply wasn’t anonymous. Go figure.

        • udi tirosh

          of course, how else will we credit you with Karma points :)

  • bartom

    This blaster thing is better than just merging images in Photoshop?

    • ext237

      Oh sure. This isn’t just for flat walls. If you have a wall with edges or a door, or texture, its hard to photoshop all those edges in and look natural. And getting it to contour around face or body with natural looking light fall-off would be lots of work in photoshop.

      You can also shoot it into falling water, fog, a large plant. Getting the ripples and edges to look right inphotoshop would be really tough.

      • ext237

        And shadows, doing the fall-off around contours and the perceptible shadows on the wall behind the person. Not a quick/easy photoshop action.

        • bartom

          thank you