Twit Twit – I’m Jumping In

look ma, I'm twittinI am starting to Tweet. I simply could not resist all the goodness that’s being spread out there and not be part of the fun. Besides, it is really easier to use short URLs.

If you’re wondering what’s gonna be on my twitter, Here is my twiterfesto:

I will not be wasting your time.

I will tweet about great posts out there, mostly photo hacking, but also other hacks which I feel are nice, but not fully fitted in DIYP blog

I will tweet with heads up and content promo before stuff hits the main blog.

I will tweet with various promotions that I’m being offered to extend to DIYP readers when they are not 100% blog material.

I will be opening another channel to communicate with DIYP readers, and be open to feedback, suggestions and general "lets hang out"s.

I will also make small updates on general things, I do promise not to tweet about the balloon kid even once.

I will share the occasional photo via twitpic. Where you can follow my shots in addition to my Flickr stream.

So if you wanna hear a lame pan hear my twits, follow me @diyphotography

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