Trigger Trap Will Press The Shutter Button When Anything Happens

Trigger Trap Will Press The Shutter Button When Anything HappensOur pal Haje Jan Kamps from Photocritic came up with a pretty smart kickstarters project – the Trigger Trap. This should not come as a surprise if you’ve seen the passion Haje put into what turned out to be the early forefather for this project – a DIY laser trigger.

The main premise of this device is that it will trigger your camera based on events. Or act as an interlevometer to create a time lapse.

Out of the box Trigger Trap will support the following traps:

  • LASER – someone breaks a laser-beam, the camera takes a picture.
  • SOUND – clap your hands, take a picture. Great for hands-free photography in the studio
  • TIME – Time lapse photography in the palm of your hand.

And here comes the special sauce, Trigger Trap will also support an auxiliary port which you can connect to anything at all. Haje gives a few examples of what this “anything” may be:

You press your car horn, it takes a photo. Your phone rings, it takes a photo. The sun rises, it takes a photo. Anything is possible – and that’s why this camera trigger is so eminently hackable and exciting to experimental photographers all over the world

There are several similar projects out there that provide similar functionality, but most focus on triggering a strobe. While I did not see a strobe as one of the outputs on the Trigger trap, that fact that it is an open source should make it easy to add this option either at the first development stage, at one of the iterations or by a code contribution.

The price currently stands at $75 which is roughly a half (at best) from any of the competing projects like (the similarly licensed) CameraAxe, The Time Machine or the Universal Photo Timer.