Top 10 Father’s Day Photography Gift Ideas


It’s that time of year again. Time for a greeting card holiday created specifically to let Dad know how much you love him. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for something special for the photographer dad in your life, or if you’re in search of hints to drop around the house to ensure your offspring pay adequate homage and tribute to you on your special day, this year’s DIY Photography Father’s Day Gift Guide is sure to have something for everyone. We’ve searched the four corners of the globe– climbing mountains, sailing oceans, hiking trails, and fording streams– all with one goal in mind. Making sure that you or your dad have one of your best Father’s Days ever.

The Light Blaster

The Light Blaster™ combines the power of a speedlight, the optics of a lens, and your boundless imagination to project background images and textures onto virtually any surface. By inserting your flash into one end of the blaster and attaching a lens to the other, you’ll have the power to project slide images onto virtually any element of your photo. As their website says, “What you see is no longer what you get.” With five creative slide kits currently available (the Pro Gobo Set is not pictured here), as well as the ability to make and use your own slides, taking your photography in a new creative direction has never been easier. (NOTE: Speedlight and lens are NOT included).



Hoodman HoodLoupe

Anybody who has ever shot outside knows how difficult it is to get an accurate view of their LCD. You’ve tried turning your back to the sun. You’ve tried cupping your hand around the screen. You’ve contorted yourself countless ways in the name of checking your last shot. Well, to borrow a lyric from AC/DC, for those about to chimp, we salute you. The HoodLoupe not only blocks out any light from spilling across your 3-inch screen, but also has adjustable magnification, making it easier than ever to accurately check your shots while shooting outside.



Let’s face it– GoPro has pretty much become the standard by which POV and adventure photography are judged. Regardless of whether you are jumping out of airplanes or chasing your kids around the backyard, GoPro adds new dimensions to your photography and how you capture what matters to you. Combined with Peak Design’s recently released P.O.V. Kit, mounting your GoPro to any belt or strap is easier than ever.

fathers-day-gift-guide-diyphotography-014Filson Camera Bag

Anybody who knows me knows I’m a camera bag junkie. So much so that my wife and I have an understanding. She doesn’t say anything about all of my camera bags and I don’t say anything about all of her shoes. My favorite bags are the ones that don’t proclaim to the world, “Look at me! I’m a camera bag with lots of expensive stuff inside!” I like understated. I like vintage. Function, however, can’t take a back seat to form. That’s why I got excited when i first heard about these new bags from Filson (I know…I’d never heard of them either). Working directly with Magnum photographers David Alan Harvey and Steve McCurry, Filson has created a line of durable bags, with weather-resistant fabrics, modular padded dividers, and an understated look. Pictured here: the Camera Field Bag in Tan. Check out the entire line at Filson’s website.

As a side note, check out this awesome video that followed McCurry as he shot the very last roll of Kodachrome film to come off the assembly line. It’s 30 minutes well spent.

fathers-day-gift-guide-diyphotography-006Ricoh (Pentax) WG-4 GPS Digital Camera

Let me be perfectly clear– I want this camera! For starters, the WG-4 GPS boasts a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor, max ISO of 6400, an f/2.0 lens, a 4x optical zoom, and six LED macro lights around the circumference of the lens. Add in the GPS, digital compass, pressure/altitude/depth gauge, and top if off with its waterproof (45 feet) and shock proof (drops up to 6.5 feet) design, and you’re ready for just about any adventure life decides to throw your way.


fathers-day-gift-guide-diyphotography-015Portable Power

The Astro3 by Anker (almost) literally changed my life. I’ve never had to charge three devices at once, but knowing that I can keep my phone and tablet juiced while on the road or on location is a huge weight off my shoulders. This unit can fully charge an iPhone six times before it has to be recharged itself. And nothing makes you more popular at a trade show, seminar, or an airport than being the guy with portable power to share.


Wacom Tablet

I think I speak for everyone who still edits their photos with a mouse when I say that this would make an awesome Father’s Day present. The Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Tablet’s combination of a pressure-sensitive pen and multi-touch capabilities can bring a much more streamlined approach to all that time spent in front of the warm glow of a computer screen.

fathers-day-gift-guide-diyphotography-009iPad CF & SD Card Readers

The single biggest iPad complaint from photographers is the lack of a card reader. Just because you’re not shooting tethered in the field doesn’t mean you don’t want to be able to check your images on a larger screen before you pack up the gear and go home. Being able to quickly and easily transfer files between devices would be a huge upgrade. Available for all versions of the iPad.

fathers-day-gift-guide-diyphotography-012Gift Cards

Bottom line– you can drop all the hints you want, but you might be the type who wants to pick out his own photography-related gifts. That being the case, nothing says, “I love you, Dad” quiet like a gift card from your favorite photography retailer.


The Bird Photo Booth

Yes– you read that correctly. The Bird Photo Booth. For the photographer who likes taking photos of birds but doesn’t have the patience to trek quietly through the woods with a long lens, the Bird Photo Booth lets you sit comfortably on the porch– or even in front of the TV– and let the birds come to you. A combination bird feeder and “photo booth,” you insert your iPhone, GoPro, or other WiFi-enabled camera into the all-weather housing, and watch as the live feed streams to your tablet’s camera app.



So, there you have it– this year’s top 10 Father’s Day photography gift ideas from your friends here at DIY Photography. Unfortunately, we can’t call all of your loved ones for you to drop hints, so the rest is up to you. Is there anything you think we missed? Leave your ideas in the comments.

  • Andrew Ammendola

    Now, if i could only adopt 10 kids.

  • Andrew Ammendola

    Now, if i could only adopt 10 kids.

  • joe_average

    neat ideas, thanks jeff. I’m looking at the screen-loop right now…on onward to start dropping hints. but is it wrong to secretly wish that the wife/kids might surprise you with the gift of a sigma 50mm art lens? …sigh 😀

    • joe_average

      oh, forgot to add…the sony action camera as100v is far superior to the gopro black3+. image-stabilization, 50mps video, gps, etc…

  • Akshay Gupta

    thanks for giving me such type of cute ideas.