Timelapse Photographers Get Surprise Visit From An Affectionate Marmot


Love At First Sight Or A Hungry (but adorable) Rodent?

With all these cute animals becoming really curious about GoPros, I’m starting to think capturing quirky footage of our inquisitive animals friends is like shooting fish in a barrel. Not that I’m complaining, could you imagine what an awful and boring place the internet would be without pictures of animals photo bombing stuff? Personally, I wouldn’t want to be part of an internet that didn’t include this clip of an adorable marmot licking a GoPro it came across in Glacier National Park.

“Though we didn’t capture the timelapse video of Glacier National Park that we intended to, we captured something much cooler … Marmot Love.”

A film crew was on location in the Montanta park collecting timelapse footage for Greenpeace, when this little guy came running up the mountainside to have a look at what was going on. He was coy at first, but, like a kid in a candy store, impulse and curiosity got the best of him as started helping himself to the camera. Fortunately for GoPros everywhere,  I guess the tiny action cameras don’t taste as good as they look.

[ via Mother Nature Network ]


  1. Ana Shepard says

    Marmot was all ‘I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. Deville’…….what sort of Divo Marmot would he be without trying to upstage the stunning scenery surrounding him, and making the video all about him? It worked too, didn’t it?! Now all the animals are searching for these little cameras, just waiting to get their big break on YouTube…..

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