This Timelapse Of Melbourne Will Have You Mesmerized By City Lights

Still a student of photography, Sam Woosley spent the first half of his year studying at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. It was here where Woosley was afforded the opportunity to combine his background in film with the techniques and tools he was acquiring as a photography student. The result? An awesome timelapse that takes viewers on a tour of Melbourne and shows them the beauty of it’s city lights. Check it out:

Even as one of Woosley’s first attempts at timelapse (and the even more painstaking hyperlapse techniques) it looks like he pretty much nailed it with Hyperlapse Melbourne. The short film consists of just over 8,150 still images which make up all 88 of the timelapse clips the film consists of. It took him about 100 hours of work between setting up over 50 different shoots and post production for which he employed some of the usual timelapse editing suspects like Adobe Lightroom 5, Adobe After Effects CC, and Final Cut Pro X.

The footage was captured using a Canon 5D Mark III with a variety of lens options including a Canon 17-40mm F4L, Canon 70-200mm F2.8L or a Canon 85mm F1.2. And, of course, no photoshoot would be complete without a few road blocks to get in the way:

“This project was not completed without a fair share of adversity. I had cops called on me, was rained off location. I even had a computer crash and lost many shoots. Thankfully I had most footage on an external drive.”

Woosley encourages viewers to click through to the Vimeo player and download the clip in maximum resolution. It’s available for free download at it’s native 5.7k resolution which, I can say first hand, blows the web version (as impressive as it is) away!

[ Sam Woosly via Vimeo ]

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  • Greg Heller

    Nicely captured — Melbourne is a beautiful city

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    mesmerized! I think…:)