Three Great iPhone Apps For Photographers

iX-ray, by slowburnUPDATE: coolest app added at the end of post.

The iPhone (or THE iPhone) is gaining popularity fast with photographers. Well, it has an in-phone camera. That kinda means that you carry a camera whenever you go (admit it!! you carry your cell anywhere!!). See Chase Jarivs’s Twitpic iPhone pic stream for example. Just another argument to show that it is not the gear that makes you a good photographer.

Another evidence is the ever increasing number of “how to take good pictures with your iPhone” tutorials. Here are a few that I like: Wired, Goodtree & company, Chase, Neutralday, but really, the net is loaded with tons of tips, guides and creativity enhancers for iPhone images.

So iPhone is popular. OK; no news here. The news (at least for me who still wears black headphones) is that iPhone also packs great applications for photographers. The round up below, courtesy of Ladislav Soukup, is probably just the first mushrooms in the post forest rain of iPhone apps for photogs. I’d love to hear (on the comments) what’s your favorite iPhone app.

Field Tools (0 $$$)

Filed Tools iPhone Photographer ApplicationThere are many apps like this one, however this one is free. Filed tools is just simple calculator for hyperfocal, near focus and far focus distances.

All field settings are in one screen which makes it really easy to set and read.

There is a “hidden” settings page that allows you to set a few additional items like crop factor and feet/meters display switch.

The only limiting factors are focal lengths: from 10mm to 200mm and aperture values: from f/1.4 to f/32. But really those limitation are well within the common usage. (link)

Poses Volume 1, 2 and 3 (10 $$$ per Volume)

Poses iPhone Photographer ApplicationThis application is nothing else then poses library. Each volume contains about 370 poses. All photos were taken in photo studio on white background, so there are no “noisy factors”, just the poses. You can browse through the whole library or view poses by category. You can even mark your favorite poses and get back to them later.

One of the nice features is “fit pose” – you will see selected pose overlapping real-time image taken from build-in camera. This way, you can see the pose in real environment. You can take the photo, but it won’t be stored with the pose :( This can be handy for scouting and testing poses on locations. There is also second problem… There are 3 volumes and there are not separated as I would expect. In short, I never know in which volume is my selected pose, so I have to go through 3 applications to find it :( But still, this is really handy tool if you need pose library to go and it’s easier to show the pose to your model then trying to explain it. (links- vol1, vol2, vol3

Darkslide (0 $$$ w/Adds)

Darkside iPhone Photographer ApplicationAnd last one from my selection is only for Flickr users (aren’t we all) – “Darkslide” is free (ad-supported) application to browse through your flickr photostream. You can also view photos from your contacts or nearby photos. There is also option to browse Flickr by places, groups, sets, tags, …

Flickr has nice iPhone-based pages, but this application will take it to another level. Only limitation of free version is advertisement on top of the app. There is also commercial version without adds (link)

DSLR Camera Remote (1.99$$$ –  19.99 $$$)

DSLR camera remoteOK, I can not believe I missed this one. This little thing goes into your iPhone and allows you to wireless-ly  shoot tethered to your Canon, while controlling your camera from your iPhone. And just like tethered shooting you can see the image (no wires, did I say so?) on the iPhone once it’s taken.

Some cameras even let you use the preview mode and see a live preview from the camera on the (wireless) iPhone. Did I say wireless enough? (link) [via ppmag]

A free iPhone and some Love – Lastly, Chase is  giving away his old iPhone here. I’d try to get this just for the nice pile of images that Chase stacked on the phone over the years.

[top left image by slowburn♪]