Three Awesome Gift Ideas With Video Reviews

With the upcoming holidays shipping cutoff dates quickly approaching, I thought I would share three awesome gift ideas for photographers. And to make things even more interesting, I included a video piece on each of those products.

Three Awesome Gift Ideas With Video Reviews

Bokeh Masters Kit

[ B&H | Adorama | Amazon | DIYP | Photojojo ]

The Bokeh Masters Kit is a magical device that turns light into shapes. Through the magic of optics, any highlights will take on a unique shape. Be it sun rays over water, Christmas lights or just plain street lights, you’ll remember why you love shooting at night.

DIY Ring Flash

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The DIY ring flash is our take at doing a cool modifier that provide awesome light quality, yet keep true to the DIY nature of the blog. If you always wanted a ring light but did not know how to hack one, the DIY Ring Flash is already hacked. Yes, you will need to put it together yourself like a true DIYer.

Camera Cookie Cutters

[ B&H | Adorama | Amazon | DIYP | Photojojo ]

Nothing says you love photography more than cookies. I mean camera cookies. This way you can eat without ever leaving your true love – cameras. (I wish I could say that no cameras were hurt in making this video… but I can’t).

If you were wondering, then yes, all those goodies were designed by the awesome team here at DIYP. Which only makes them more awesome. It also provides a glimpse to the great stuff we do when we are not updating the blog.

Happy holidays all!