This Infographic Shows You What It Really Means To Be A Wedding Photographer


If you’ve been considering taking the plunge into the world of professional, or even semi-professional, photography you may want to take a look at this clever infographic designed by a professional wedding photographer in Italy, Francesco Spighi. Though it is aimed at brides to be, shedding some light on the realities of being a wedding photographer, it’s also serves as a reality check for anyone considering starting their own photography business.

wedding-photography-price-cost-infographic-francesco-spighi-photographer-tuscany1 (1)

I think this graphic stands true of just about any style of photography whether it be wedding photography, commercial photography, or otherwise. A lot more time and effort goes into finishing the job than most people notice. Of course, we should all follow our passions, but it never hurts to know what you are getting yourself into beforehand. The very fact that infographics such as this one exists is an example of how thankless the job can be at times.

[via Francesco Spighi]

  • Stewart Norton

    Pretty much my set up but you cannot calibrate two monitors from one pc at least not using a Spyder device, I have one calibrated for colour correction and editing and one for watching films as I work 😉

    • Joe Photoguy Spowal

      ^^^ yes you can…I have the spyder 4 and have done it…

    • Jim Johnson

      I use an old spyder 2 with the basic driver and have calibrated both monitors on a windows 8 machine (and have had it on every one since xp). The trick is to only have one monitor connected at a time when calibrating, name them by their location (left, right, etc), then go back and make sure the correct profile is assigned to each after you have them both on again.

  • Mike Leslie

    Forgot to include the cost of a spell checker and time to create infographics that wedding clients wont read.

  • Stephen Fink

    I’m not a wedding photog but still have the same setup. It’s pretty standard for pros.

  • Stewart Norton

    Really I’ll have to check again, my one is old now.

  • Howardo Mansfieldio

    There seems to be a vital component missing from that set up.

    • Mike Randall

      Besides a spellchecker?

  • Brian Brosmer

    Why I hate it!

  • Jason Parisi

    Kelly Frances Garrett

  • Jason Parisi

    Lisa Daly Clark

  • Kelly Frances Garrett

    Def not a wedding photog but basically the same set up :) Jason Parisi

    • Jason Parisi

      This is a cool page if you’re not aware!

      • joe

        What does that have to do with anything?

  • catlett

    Funny Mike … I was thinking the same thing.

  • Jim Johnson

    Most other photo sites have upgraded the comments section to keep the discourse polite, so I guess now DIY Photography becomes the refuge of the photo a-holes.

    I guess it just proves the difference between professionals, amateurs, and wannabes.

  • Jon Peckham

    WHy I wont touch a wedding for less than $1500.00 minimum. Not to mention the overhead of hiring grips and additional photogs to do it right . .

  • Richard Ek

    Remember when as all about macgyvering really cool stuff out of toothpicks and aluminumfoil, and not about wedding and stockphotographers whining about irrelevant stuff? Pepperidge farm remembers.

  • Patricia Chávez

    Look Jesús Manuel, y luego me dicen que cobro caro ¬¬

  • echomrg

    ehi, if you hate so much working as a wedding photographer you can always get a different job. i guess there are plenty of people with real crappy jobs willing to switch.