This Amazing Stickbomb Bullet Time Sequence Uses Over 30,000 Stickbombs

When you want to create an awesome car chase and don’t have the budget for it, you can always scale it down, and use RC cars. Of course, that does not mean that budget is frugal, it simply means that some stuff can not be done full scale.

The Subaru team created this incredible SUBARU “WRX STI vs StickBomb” sequence, which features a remote controlled Subaru WRX STI going through a miniature racing track battling a wave of Stick bombs. Some of the high moments of the clip feature a bullet time sequence made with an array of over 25 gopros, while the rest of the footage was shot on some highend cameras, cranes, and stabilizers.

Filming took place in a studio in Japan over 3 days and nights, with almost no rest in between. Some 30,000 StickBombs were brought in for filming. Each time the stick pattern was triggered, it was constructed over again. Who knows how many StickBombs were used in total. The radio control model was a one-off design made especially for the video. Created with a 3D printer, its body was shaped so meticulously that staff operating the radio control model could not contain their amazement

See the final result below.

[SUBARU “WRX STI vs StickBomb”]

  • Brad Mcculloch

    cute commercial, nice achievement in timing, coordination, and editing. but i cant say i’m any more inclined to buy a Subaru. makes me want to play with Popsicle sticks though :)

    • YJawhar

      Watching it made me want to buy a good RC car.

  • Stewart Norton

    David Martin.