These Conceptual Iphone Photos Show That Creativity Trumps Gear Every Time

Photographer and artist Brock Davis has a very unique view on the objects surrounding him. He sees something funny or clever or inpiring in almost every trivial item.

While he shoots for big names like Wired, New York Times and Esquire Magazine (to name a few) he also takes pleasure with a more personal project involving nothing more than an iPhone and a healthy dose of creativity.


We asked Brock about the series and the concept behind it:

I’ve been taking conceptual iPhone photos for a couple of years now.
Since 2009, I’ve found myself more and more inspired by everyday, seemingly uninspiring objects.
In a way this process has reverted my creative approach back to the way it used to be when I was a kid. Having children has helped this as well. With a child, everything is new and interesting. Children are observant and get excited by things we seldom think about as adults, much like how a child will open a gift and then play with the wrapping paper.

mint match

When we asked Brock about the process and he actually mentioned the iPhone as an advantage always being ready to shoot:

By having an iPhone at the ready, it’s easy to capture spontaneous ideas and execute them quickly. I think the speed of this process helps keep the spontaneity in tact through to the final execution and it resonates with the viewer.
As far as planning, I don’t plan the pieces out, I just sort of let observation and inspiration collide. When I have an idea I make it.

parsley on apple / tree on hill

shark – fillet knife / bread knife

snowman noses

emo pineapple

grape dog

glitter on icicles

funeral for a week-old egg roll

drawing with the kids

dirty glass sunset


if you stick two chocolate chips together it looks like a dog’s nose.


lint roller with lint mustache

sad shoe


stealth egg – easter egg hunting

chopstick pants

mashed potatoes and gravy lakes of the world – crater lake, oregon


road cone

popcorn kernel in thought

onion rain

minneapolis skyline drawn in coffee sludge




cicada shells

chip in a bottle

paper ball / paper plane

good morning

ninja knee

sunset / santa monica

crayon tree / carved with sewing needle

[2013 iphone Photos | Brock Davis]

  • Ron FYA

    this is AWESOME

  • D.Pulsar

    So Awesome …
    I which I could one day have ideas like this

  • Chris

    wow incredible! Not only is he a great photographer but knows how to get the shot with simply gear!

  • Ou Boet

    Fantastic photos.

  • Lyle

    Trumps! …Creativity Trumps Gear

    Good message though.

    • udi tirosh

      how embarrassing, fixed that :) thanks!

  • Vladimir V. Bott

    we should all learn to see like this guy before learning where the shutter button is. i am jealous and grateful for this post.

  • Joel Meaders

    Wow! I have always disliked phonetography until I saw this post.

  • Pat

    (I hate when I don’t ‘get’ humor.) I love how your mind works, but I didn’t get ‘Texas’ or the untitled Blue Sky Square surrounded by Clouds.