The Unruly Headcase Is Tough Enough To Match A GoPro

The Unruly Headcase Is Tough Enough To Match A GoPro

GoPro has made a great name for themselves when it comes to action cams. It turns out that the while the camera itself is an amazing piece of hardware its mount is the source of frustration for some pro shooters who have to make sure it won’t fall-into-the-ocean / shoot-it-self-off-a-race-car / drop-off-a-flying-balloon.

It is that frustration that drove Jim Clark to design and kickstart the Unruly case system for GoPro.

The design features a self-tightening door that… well… self-tightens when the cases “senses” it is thrown, a solid aluminum case with 9 threaded mounts, lens protection, and all while keeping the tally lights and screen visible. (Did I mention it is machined from one bulk of alluminum? sweet, right?)

At $328, the case may cost more than the GoPro, but once you lost a few of them on a single shoot, the price starts to makes sense. (And if it is still too high, you can opt for the less featured Headgear model for $128).

[UNRULY – HEADCASE + HEADGEAR Housings for GoPro on kickstarter]