DIY Studio Lighting – The Strip Light That Won’t Strip You

Photographer David Greene was kind enough to share a cool lighting technique he uses for fashion photography. Using your everyday florescence fixtures and bulbs David creates two strip lights. Watch the flick.

There strip lights are good enough to go with f/3.5 on100 ISO which is nice, and you don’t need to use florescence filters, cuz the bulbs (can you call florescence bulbs?) are daylight balanced.

You get nice balanced softish light from both sides of the model making this technique a cheap and easy way to get a shot at glamor shots.

One word of advice, though – if you already use florescence lighting in your house, your family will not appreciate sitting in the dark because you took their light to shoot a cool looking model. Beware.

Took a shot? show off on the DIYPhotography flickr group.

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