The Real Story Behind Starbucks – Getting The Perfect White Balance

Emergency ExpodiscI know what you’re thinking. Starbucks was made so you can slowly sip your hot Lattes and cappuccino while your army of photo assistants are setting up your clever array of strobes, monolights, “kino-flo”s and LED panels.

Actually, this is all an elaborate pre-show so when they come shouting that “the sky is falling” and “how the heck are you going to find the white balance for this mix of lights” you can smile and put down your Latte.

Then you take the plastic cup of, place it on the lens and show how you cleverly created an instant Expodisc out of thin air. Ha! White Balance nailed.

Emergency Expodisc

Steve Bennett‘s Starbucks Coffee Cup Emergency Expodisc, with how to instructions. (Surprisingly, the other instant Expodisc is also coffee related. I wonder if there is a great scheme here).