The Protobooth Takes 3D Photobooth Pictures

The Protobooth Takes 3D Photobooth Pictures

I love a good photobooth. Nothing beats the thrill of getting a just printed strip with 4 images of my current state of being. Actually I keep a ton of pictures take n on various booths of myself from all over the world.

OK, one thing may beat that, and that is a photobooth that creates 3D images. (or rather 3D animated gifs).

Digital Kitchen, a Seattle-Los Angeles-Chicago design firm created a photobooth that uses 3 Canon 5D MKII, 4 Macbook Pros and a bit of software sorcery. The result, a photobooth that creates 3D magical images.

So where can you get one? Ah, that’s the rub. “We have no plans to commercialize the Protobooth,” David Mikula told me in an email. Mikula, who holds the cool title of “Senior Creation,” worked on the project with a half dozen others on the team. “It was an internal project that we had a lot of fun creating. That being said, everything we learned from this process has the potential to make its way into future projects.”#

It would be totally rad if the good guys at Digital kitchen made a tutorial on how to get a setup like this working. Till they do, click here to see all the images.

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