The Nice Clip Keeps Your Lens Cap Attached

The Nice Clip Keeps Your Lens AttachedLens caps are great when we are not shooting, they protect our lenses. But when we are shooting, there is always the question of where to store them.

I keep my cap in my front pocket, simply because I know it won’t get lost this way.

I think this has been a problem for a long time considering the amount of solutions that are out there (including that hideous lens cap leash dangling thing). There are also some nice DIY solutions which are on the dot.

I am surprised, however that no generic solution was made to meet this problem in a neat and clean manner.

This is why I am thrilled about the Nice Clip. The nice clip is a.. well… a clip that is designed to go on the back of the lens cap and make it attachable to a camera strap, a belt or a bag. The clip doubles as a cable holder but that won’t help your caps :)

The Nice Clip Keeps Your Lens Attached

Zeke, who makes says that “The Nice Clip works great with any size, style, and brand of lens cap from 49mm all the way up to 82mm and everything in between. The Nice Clip makes putting on and removing your lens cap a snap even when using a deep lens hood“. Backing the project for $9 will get you a clip ($5 if you’re fast)

The Nice Clip via Kickstarter