A Cheapo Minty Ringlight Strobe – Call to Arms

altoids_ring_lightSo, let’s see what we had here in the last month: we had a cool way of using a disposable camera and an Altoids box to make a small flash.

We also had a cool way to create a ring light (no wait actually we had two cool ways of doing that).

So, of course the question comes, what next?

In my mind the next step of evolution should be combining the two to create the first ever 25 Dollars professional ring flash.

With disposable cameras with flash costing as low as 3.50, it is simply a crime not to build such studio lighting device.

Here is a suggested spec for the Minty Ring Light:

  1. Use at least 6 disposable flashes.
  2. Have a "female" 35mm jack that can be used with ebay cheapo slaves.
  3. It should be able to receive power from an AA battery pack or from an external adapter.
  4. It should be as portable as possible. Preferably stored in your typical lighting gear bag.

Please post your ideas, plans, schemes and sample under this flickr photo.

I am calling all Strobists, Lightmodifiers, Makers, and instructors to make this the first inter site collaborative work to create cheap studio lighting that other wise costs a ton of cash.

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