The M-Plate Is One Smart Tripod Plate

The M-Plate Is One Smart Tripod PlateOne of the main issues with sliding straps solutions like the C-loop and Black Rapid’s FastenR-3 is that they take away your quick release plate mounting point.

That means that you need to choose if you are going to use a tripod OR sling your camera each time you go on a shoot, and need to take the plate or connector off each time you wanna switch.

Custom SLR (the guys behind the C loop) aim at solving this problem (and a few others) with a new kickstarters project, the M plate (I wonder if they are going to run through the Alphabet).

The idea is to make a plate that connects both with Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss quick release systems while providing an array of additional mounting points for a strap, a hand grip and a few rig products which they say are in the pipe.

A short disclaimer, C-loop are DIYP sponsors, but we would have blogged the m plate  anyway since it is so darn cool.

The M plate on Kickstarters.