The Light Stand Backdrop Holder Just Got Better

Double Your Light Stand As A Portable Backdrop Mount SystemOne of the simplest mods that were featured in DIYP is the lightstand to backdrop holder mod.

It is fast to make, has some PVC in it – PVC ROCKS – and it is a can be a cheap and easy alternative for on location instant backdrop.

Martin Kimeldorf (Flickr) who is the master mind behind this simple-yet-genius contraption has been busy. Taking in the great reader comments on the original post, Martin has improved his original design. I was really happy when I got the note in the mail asking to share the new generation of the Light Stand Backdrop Holder.

The first improvement was to rebuild the backdrop holder so it will fit in a 3 feet long bag. So the T arms are slightly shorter now. The other thing was that the arms were curving a bit with the weight of the canvas. To make the stronger and be able to hold the backdrop without getting a curve Martin added wooden dowels inside the cross-bar to strengthen it. See the image below.

The Light Stand Backdrop Holder Just Got Better

The other improvement was to make sure that the thing will not turn around like a carousel when using it.

You can do this by cutting slits vertically, then line the inside with black tape to reduce the inside diameter. Then using a hose clamp with a thumb screw you can tighten the stem and secure its position, even though it is slightly larger than the original PVC used. Again, see the image below to get it clear.

The Light Stand Backdrop Holder Just Got Better

Now, this whole process of making something and giving it to the photography community and then getting great feedback, implementing it and giving it again, really makes my heart warm inside. This is what DIYP is all about.