The First Pool of 2009

This is the first fun at the pool of 2009 and I feel blessed with the great talent at the DIYP Flickr group. One of the things that makes me particularly happy is the great use you are doing with the flickr DIYP discussion group. A few great questions were asked about building a softbox, creating the shaped bokeh thing and more. Great answers are given by the readers, and it is a great opportunity to let everyone know about this resource.

This is also a great opportunity to mention Something Newer, our latest photography project. Submit an image with the friends theme to DIYP Flickr pool and tag it with somethingnew to get a chance to win a two-week rental of a camera/lens or both.

What Does This Smell Like? (paggre) Gift to the 1 you hate "happy new year" ([JA]   ??) Rhinoceros Beetle (nickwheeleroz) A Stroll in the Park (Brian Auer) up the tree ({tribal} photography) Body. Conscious. (ej (umop ap!sdn))
20081229-IMG_2846 (Ztarman) wideangle (FabioHofnik) Takde Keje (zainuri hamzah) night tree (plebism [Simon]) The Setup (Chris Farrugia) ? Apple light ? (Electronick)
Effeil Spirals* (fredodupoux) Shapes and Lines ( Testing out CFL Lights (Mark Wisniowski) Lights off, SPOT LIGHT ON! (pattn) 17/52 My feelings about Christmas (grilkip) These Walls Are Busy (Brian Auer)
Analia (Ruben Silva) Homo Sapiens (pattn) KaneFamily_SM-IMG_6415 (Peter Boden) Family Photos (paggre) Up Close ( Milk and Cookies (Jake O'Connell)
FREEZE! (pattn) Princess (Andriy Z) Cafe au lait (Bald Monk) surprise group I (alextremps) Mass of Plaid (neilcreek)  (Eric Gomes)
Ashleigh (nickwheeleroz) Chelsea Koenig (artandsteel_com) summertime (darmawan saputra,mawan) OliverDay1-032 (Trevor Connell)

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