The Easiest DIY Slider I’ve Ever Seen

Most of you know that I love sliders and that using a slider in a video shoot is a great way to get more value in your video production.

The Easiest DIY Slider I've Ever Seen

This next slider from pixelriffic is not the fanciest slider, but it is the kind of slider that you can build for about $20, a trip to home depot and one hour of work. It has no moving parts, and everything about it is off the shelf parts (even the felt is precut).

Definitely something to keep in mind if you get stuck without a slider in a parking lot next to a home depot and only have 1 hour till the shoot starts.

P.S. I was never a big fan of felt, but is seems to work wonders for hacked sliders.

P.P.S. Got more time and money, try this slider, more parts, Rollerblade wheels, and heavy duty rails.

P.P.P.S Even more time on your hands, this is the king of sliders. Have a go!

Yet another DIY camera slider [pixelriffic]

  • jonathan heierle

    I was really interested in building one of these to make some interesting
    shots for mountain bike filming, but i had a question, is there any way to
    make a stand or use a tripod as one? i love the quality and look of the DIY
    slider but without being propped up a few feet its almost useless for me,
    please get back to me soon, thanks!