The Easiest Camera Rain Jacket Ever

The folks over at HDSLR now just shared what might be the easiest rain camera rain jacket ever.

It’s easy because it doesn’t use anything but a Gore-Tex sheet and a pair of rubber bands.

The Easiest Camera Rain Jacket Ever

Gore-Tex is a brand name for a water proof material, and if you ever wore hiking shoes your feet may already be familiar with it. The thing is that carrying a sheet of a water proof material is awesome not only for covering your camera in the rain.

I’ve used similar stuff for protecting my knees in a muddy location when shooting kneeling; keeping my stuff clean while putting it on the ground; and simply putting my bag on it. It is almost like Gaff tape’s big brother when it comes to home may things you can do with it.

You can get Gore-Tex by the meter quite cheap on eBay or at your local fabric store.

[DIY Weatherproof Your Camera via Cheesycam]

P.S. If you want something a little more fancified, try adding a CD case to the mix.

  • Chris

    This is massive overkill. The advantage of GoreTex (or non-namebrand WPB fabrics) isn’t that it’s fantastically waterproof, there are lots of more-waterproof-than-goretex fabrics out there. The advantage of GoreTex is that it lets water vapor out. Chances are the vapor pressure in your camera is lower than the vapor pressure in the rain, so GoreTex is actually raising the humidity in your camera, possibly allowing condensation. A garbage bag is cheaper and would work better.

  • Raven

    I have the gore-tex beat…I’ve always carried a small trash-bag with me, if we ran into a shower I would unfold the trash-bad and drape it over my camera.
    It’s cheap, folds up to a very small size, and fits in my back pocket,,.. if it’s a nice day I can even put trash in it along the trail…try that with gore-tex.

  • ATS

    I have a huge umbrella fixed to the tripod 😉