The Digital Light Wand Creates Light Painting In Thin Air

The Light Carnival is in Town!Looks like LED light sabers for light painting capture that interesting Venn Diagram intersection between photography and hackering.

After featuring Lightscythe – a light painting LED wand that can be loaded wireless comes another detailed tutorial from Michael Ross, which may be more suitable for the beginner Arduino. photographer.

The wand is build on the Arduino platform and can be loaded with still images that are shown as the wand is swayed from side to side. The results are amazing.

to make a sweet thing even sweeter, Michael posted a set of videos and a very detailed PDF tutorial [watch out, 30MB file] on how to build one of those babies.

If you are wondering what it does check the photographs below.

Pacman is QUITE the BULLY!!!

Paybacks are Hell!!

Pacman's Revenge

SMILE! :-)

Here is the first of the video tutorials if you wanna get the general notion of what is involved.

The Digital Light Wand from Michael Ross (thanks for the heads up)