The Coolest Photography Gadget Ever – The Bokeh Masters Kit + Giveaway

Mystery Project Tease (by udijw)Everybody loves shaped bokeh images. So do I. Shaped bokeh images are those cool images that have all the blurred lights spear as a heart or star or any other shape.

This is why I wanted to share a very cool new gadget that’s out there for creative photographers – The Bokeh Masters Kit. It is a pro level tool that achieves the same effect as we did with the “Create Your Own Bokeh” post way back when we just started the blog.

Now, I am going to be completely open about it and tell you that I was the chief engineer on this product so I not completely without bias :)

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words – This is the kind of effect you can get with the kit (Click any image to see it larger)

Message From Tatooine (by udijw)

walking_the_other_way (by udijw)

old_fashioned_noise (by udijw)

And even more samples here. Now, I know you are thinking Christmas tree images right now, it is inevitable.

The Bokeh Masters Kit allows you to achieve the shaped bokeh effect easily and repeatedly by using a lens-adaptor and bokeh discs system.

The lens adapter attaches to your lens with a rubber band and allows for quick and convenient bokeh disks changes. The kit comes with a variety of shaped Bokeh disks which are made from durable plastic, and are laser cut to precision.

Bokeh Mastesr Kit mount on lens (by udijw)

The kit comes in three flavors:

Demo – the most basic kit with the lens adapter and five “classic” discs like stars, hearts and smileys (15$).

Advanced – which adds 16 more shaped bokeh discs with icons, animals, sports, and more (25$)

Masters – which adds 8 empty discs for you to make your own shapes and a discs “wallet” (list 35$ 25$ during introduction period).

It is also worth noting that the kit will work best with 50mm f/1.8 lens or the lenses specified in this page.

To kick things off, I’ll be giving away three Masters Edition kits. There are three ways to enter the raffle (and you can do all three):

Comment on this post (make sure you leave a valid site URL/Flickr account as site so I can reach you).

Follow @diyphotography and Tweet this post: “Coolest Photography gadget ever giveaway: the Bokeh Masters Kit #BMK. RT to enter.“. You can tweet this as much as you’d like, but please no more than once a day – otherwise your followers will get totally sick from it.

Grab one (or a group) of the small people in this image on Flickr by making a note around it (them).

Comes Tuesday, I’ll randomly select one winner from each group, and post it on the site. If you can’t hold your breath that long, just order the kit here.