The Best 6 Ways To Create Your Own Bokeh

bokeh_heartLittle more than half a year ago, I published a guide to create your own bokeh. This guide provides a simple technique to shape the bokeh of the unfocused elements in your picture.

Here are the best 6 pictures that employed this technique, courtesy of DIYPhotography readers. I was glad to find creativity both in the shapes used (guess what? Hearts wins the jackpot) and the creativity using this technique.

Picture 1 by joy_sale – use interesting bokeh where not expected – a nightly portrait.


Picture 2 by JoshuaRaymund – Match the bokeh shape to the picture shape.


Picture 3 by _barb_ – Put butterflies in a forest


Picture 4 by Navin Shetty – Take a lovely nightscape.


Picture 5 by JoshuaRaymund – crate stars shaped bokeh.


Picture 6 by silkegb – Make a sweet picture with a before and after look.


Made a cool bokeh of your own? Let us know by showing off in the comments section.

Great Bokeh Lenses:

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