The Best DIY Project Of Them All – Your Project

diy_project_01.jpgPart of the fun of being a DIY Photography blogger is being tapped to the great stream of ideas and creativity that flows from the photographer’s community. Every now and then I get a mail that makes my day, pointing me to an awesome/ fun/ unbelievable/ getoutofhere project. I also keep regular watch on the DIYP flickr pool to be amazed over and over with DIY projects and creative photographs of readers.

This series of articles which I call “DIYP Readers Projects” is my way to give some loving back to the community and to DIYP readers and expose some of the coolest photography projects around – your projects. The first runner up is the…

Christmas Tree Ring Light

diy_project_02.jpgThis is a fun project that emanated from the Strobist Ring Light Challenge. This challenge produced a huge wave of bowls attached to Strobes as a mean of lighting. Matthew G. Monroe took another approach and crated a life sized Ring Light from Christmas light chains. You may remember Matthew; he is the dude who built the DIY flexible flash arm which was featured here round the end of December.

Anyhow, the effect of this ring light is amazing; apart from producing a nice and smooth ring light effect, this huge contraption creates the best looking catch lights you’ve ever seen. This is what they meant when singing about Starz in Their Eyes.