The Best Camera / iPhone App

The Best CameraOK, I know what you’re thinking. This post is probably gonna be about hacking used lens to a matchbox pinhole camera using some chewing gum.

Well it is even better (and simpler) than that (and it’s about creativity more than about DIY). The best camera is simply the camera that you carry around with you. And since it looks like iPhone sales are close to hitting 6 billion units, odd are that your best camera is an iPhone.
This and the fact that Chase says so.

If you’ve monitoring Chase Jarvis’s twits (like me) you probably noticed that he posts a lot of iPhone pictures. And I mean a lot. Now, you gotta ask: Chase has more heavy glass that most of us have socks, why post images from a 200$  iPhone? Well, I know for a fact that chase does not want to spend clicks on us internet no-goods. Or maybe it is because the iPhone is always there, allowing chase to always be able to capture a good frame or a good moment.

Now comes the other part. Chase is not only shooting with an iPhone he is also editing, sharing and twitting his images from the iPhone. 

He does this with the best camera software, simply called the best camera made by Chase and Ubermind. (Chase, Kudos for the totally SEOed application name)

Here’s what you get for the worth of one cup of java:

– You can apply filters to your iPhone images (including one make-this-image-have-a-jarvis-look filter). You can also reorder the filter, remove them and generally have tone of fun.

– You can share your images with a click of a button to facebook,  twitter or simply send them by mail.

– You get to be a part of the community.

OK, you can have that java now.

For more details you can watch the vid below, or better yet pay a visit to Chase’s blog for the full details. (Including more vids, the first ever iPhone photo book and an iPhone giveaway)