The Aviator Is An On The Go Travel Jib

If you’ve been reading the DIYP for any length of time, you know that we love jibs. We love them because they provide an easy way to get high production value. Our last few jibs were the kind of jibs you make by going to home depot and spending an afternoon of screwing, bolting and hacking at pieces of metal.

On the other hand we never show the really high end jibs as those can be really expensive.

Our buddy Zeke came up with a sweet solution that I think is just the right balance between price and features. The Aviator. It is a small, light weight jib that is roughly the size of a folded tripod so it can fit in a backpack and can be brought on location.

The Aviator Is An On The Go Travel Jib

It extends to about 6 feet which can provide nice camera moves, it sets up in minute(s) rather than quarters of hours and carries cameras up to 6lbs (good enough for an MKIII + lens) 

If you are an art or film student you can get the bare jib for $299, but it is kickstarter $399 for the rest of us. (Compared at TonsOfCash for what the market currently has to offer)

[The Aviator Travel Jib on Kickstarter]