Thank You Pool

Thank you for interacting with other photographers

Thank you for commenting on each other’s notes and thoughts

Thank you for going out, being creative learning, teaching and sharing

Thank you for taking great images (and submitting to the pool – sideshow)

Thank you for reading DIYP

S. Lorenzo Church (Salvatore Falcone) Tramonto (e.celesti) chaos line (/\/\r_/\/\_/\/\ontg0mery) _DSC8749 (matstornberg) 14/52 The Clones. (grilkip) Yogpot Gels (leprechaun947)
Kick It (Brian Auer) [2008-11-27] vapour (RobertsonPhotography) - " I never think of the future. It comes soon enough " - (- Shiphattey -) peace with myself (Victor Bezrukov) Tip Toeing-2 (Marcus W) Happy Thanksgiving (Darren C.)
morning_0680 (rlketcham) Hero or Vilan (Ztarman) Dark side of the furry (bazs_eos) curves of a violin (mawa_73527) Nautilus in venetian light beams (StephenCotterellPhotography) Prince Adam (kangster)
[2008-11-24] coloured swirls (RobertsonPhotography) open (Will Nickelson | Clueless Photog) Drops of Lager... (Adam Raasalhague) Santa Fe I (alextremps) weather proofed 1 (Jake O'Connell) Day 31/365 - Julia Pin Up (herobyday)
Punctuality Was Tilted (Chris Farrugia) 13/52 Le Douche (grilkip) Contained within glass (Matthew Stones) Rubik's bokeh (.MJ.) Ashleigh - Winter Socks (herobyday) immense (Lady Twiglet)
Look closely (Matthew Stones) Wasn't Me.... (Dr|g) Green & Beautiful ([JA]   ??) Day 160/365 BBC children in need (Graham Warsap) The brush off (Bald Monk) Rope (
Plain ice (Bald Monk) Julia - Santa Fe Springs (herobyday) THE NEW FISHERMAN'S FRIEND (pattn) Ashlynn (Jon Neftali) Jessica 4 (Dana Lane Photography)

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