TetheredShooting App Offers An Alternative To The CC Cloud


If you are shooting tethered a lot, there is a little app that offers a different approach to tethered shooting. Simply called TetheredShooting this app aims at providing a solution for the tethered part of tethered shooting.

The app works quite differently than other tethering apps we have covered with a premise to smoothly deliver previews of shot files using a secure connection between a computer and an iDevice.

The app works by polling a specific folder on a laptop or a studio computer and then displays the photos on the screen.


As with most display software you can save the photos for offline view, move them to the camera roll, and generally view them on several devices simultaneously .

The app costs $4.99 on the app store as a one off payment.

I would be curious to know if such solution is relevant for your workflow of if you would rather to use the Adobe Creative Cloud. (Which by the way, will get a major update tomorrow. Stay tuned!).

[TetheredShooting by RunFox | $4.99 on the appstore]