The Tasty Ice Cream DIY Softbox Container Pictorial

When it comes to how to pictorials I guess no one does it better than Maciej Pietuszynski. (If you don’t think so, just check his Tilt-Shift Lens From A Shower Head, How To Instasuqare Your Camera’s View Finder and How To Give An Old Nifty-Fifty A New Life pictorials) This time Maciej shares how Spring cleaning drove him into making an ice cream softbox that doubles as a camera case.

See if you can find yourself which picture is light by ice cream softcontainer 😉

About The Author:

Maciej Pietuszynski is a photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. You can follow his Blog here and his awesome Flickr here. This post is based on a tutorial posted here.

  • Jeffrey

    I’m not sure how this tutorial really adds to the site and informs us at all. This is a 3rd grade tutorial and I’m pretty sure we are creative enough to take any box, cut a hole in and at stick our flash in to create a softbox. Your site is great, I expect more!

    • Maciej Pietuszynski

      Is just pictorial for people who just start with flash photography not for pros like we are 😉

      • Ikke

        Well, I’m glad with this one. I’m no pro, but no beginner either. My softboxes are made from cardboard and because I click fish (in tanks), they never last long. So I like this ‘upgrade’ Easy to make, a lot more durable and just as portable. I ‘m one of the people with two left hands, so the others on the site looked to difficult for me. THANKS!!!

    • Dickie Jeffrey

      I am not sure who asked you Jeffrey for your opinion here – no one cares about your thoughts or life frankly. How does your comment add to the site and informs us all? Where are your tutorials and articles that give people ideas? Did you even bother to check the rest of the tutorials that were linked at the top of this post? They are all interesting and well made. Do you think before you post? I remember that being taught in the 3rd grade, thinking before posting. Yes, a softbox project like this is fairly well known among some people – but not everyone knows about such a thing.

    • udi tirosh

      Hi Jeff,

      you can always go back to our early days easy softbox tut but there will be no icecream.

  • Robert

    I walked away gaining the most simple knowledge that I never even thought about. you can store your flash in this thing, and you get to eat ice cream.

  • Alfred Encallado

    Excellent Idea Man, Thanks a miilion!

  • Bekah

    Never would have thought to do this. Showing all my photographer friends and family!