Talk To Your Daughter Before The Beauty Industry Does

We have talked about the impact that the industry has over our lives and persception of beautiful before. and we are happy to see that some of the advertisers are shifting away from plastic barbies used for models like the campaign done by UK fashion chain Debenhams which featured beautiful people of all kinds. We are also seeing some a backlash toward the industry on the form aware artists like Anna Hill.

We are often asked why we are featuring those stories and I think this punch-to-the-guts movie by Tim Piper (although a bit old) does a better work at explaining this than we can.

[Beauty Pressure | Tim Piper]

  • WillMonson

    Using a ginger child? They’re really trying to get their point across…

  • drvdrv

    I find it odd that Dove, which markets a “beauty bar” to women, would sponsor this sort of thing.

  • Cara

    I feel calling the models plastic barbies is just as bad as saying negative things against larger sized people.