Take DIYPhotography.net to your virtual home

If you love DIYPhotography.net as much as me, you’d be happy to know that I have made some changes to make it easier for DIYPhotography.net’s readers to take the blog to their personal home page.

The first change is to add a bookmark strip that will enable you to bookmark an article to your favorite bookmarking service. You can Digg it, Furl it, Stumble upon it, cook it, bake it or pretty much add it to your virtual bookmarks online. When ever you hover over the bookmark strip found on the left, you will see all available bookmarking options.

The second change is to add special buttons that will enable you to add DIYPhotography.net’s feed to your online homepage.

Pressing the Add to My Yahoo! button will add the feed to your yahoo homepage. And pressing the Add to Google button will add it to your google reader or homepage.

I will leave all those buttons on the left nav bar from no on for your convenience.

Of course you can also grab my feed with any RSS reader with this RSS link

– Udi