Take Long Distance Self Portraits With PocketWizards

Self Portrait MTB -Glacier National Park 1 (by Reuben Krabbe)This self portrait on the left by Reuben Krabbe was taken (believe it or not) by Reuben Krabbe. Now, I know that you know that time/space fabric will tear if a person is present at two different places in the same time.

So, once we remove the impossible option we remain with the possible option – Pocket Wizards

Everybody knows that PWs can be used to trigger a remove flash, it is a bit less common knowledge that PWs can also be used to trigger a camera.

Once you know how to trigger your camera remotely you are half done. Two minor issues: popping a PW is not that easy while riding mountain bikes, and PWs are so packed with goodness too big so they show on the pic.

Reuben had an ingenious solution. Using a hack similar to the cactus cable hack he made a small cable with a small push button that is both easy to operate and is tiny enough to disappear in the picture.

The thing I like best about this solution is the fact that if you want to, you can also add a strobe just outside the frame with very minimal setup changes. (Another PW on the camera itself, or a PW multimax). The PWs will take care of syncing your camera and your strobe.

For the full instructions visit Reuben’s blog.

If you know about more cool hacks hit us in the comments so everyone can enjoy.