Scrubbing Bubbles and a Career in Photography


I marvel at toilet bowl cleaner commercials, especially those Scrubbing Bubbles. Remember those? They take one of the worst household chores and try to make it seem fun. The commercial features thousands of little animated bubbles with scrubbing brushes for legs that “work hard so you don’t have to.” With each squirt of the product, you are sending thousands of these Bubble-Brush hybrids to work. While you watch a movie or go shopping or eat bonbons leisurely by the pool while your cabana boy, Sven, brings you fruity drinks with little umbrellas in them, this army of determined bubbles are busy scrubbing your toilet.

Now, I’ve used this product multiple times and never once did I see any brushes attached to the bubbles. Nor did I see eyes. Which, really, is a good thing, because I would have freaked if I did. And, having used it, I still had to get in there with a toilet brush and do some work on my own which makes me think the Scrubbing Bubbles are either liars or slackers.

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Gender Based Photography Groups – WHY?


The first one I ever saw was “Chicks Who Click.” It was years ago and the photography industry was predominately male. I didn’t think too much of it, but wondered (aloud at times) the wisdom of, not only creating a gender biased photography group, but giving it a cutesy name like “Chicks Who Click.” By naming it that, they downplayed the seriousness and professionalism of their chosen profession. They demoted themselves from “professional photographers” to “middle school sleep-over photography club.” I envisioned a bedroom of giggling girls, braiding each other’s hair, talking about boys, and occasionally using some derivative of the word “passion” and “photography” in the same sentence.

A few years later, I was at a national convention and met a woman who handed me her business card. On it, was the name of a photography group she’d founded – “Women Only Workshops, She’fari Photographers.” Whaaaa? Yep, she was very proud of the group and said business couldn’t be better. Of course, I, possessing the wrong genitalia, was not allowed to attend any of her workshops or go on any “She’faris” so I’m not quite sure WHY she even bothered to give me her business card unless it was just to rub it in. She seemed very nice, so I doubt she meant it as an insult though, but still. Helloooo? Common Sense???

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MZed – Need Light? Speedlite! Tour Review

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to attend the Need Light? Speedlite! Tour in Toronto, Canada.

The Need Light? Speedlite! Tour is presented by MZed – Education for Creatives and is traveling to 32 cities across the United States between now and the end of May (with one more stop in Canada in Vancouver) – click here for dates.

The tour is a full day workshop ($99) that focuses on portrait lighting with speedlites with instructors Stephen Eastwood and Bob Davis.  At the end of the day, participants have the opportunity to apply the techniques they have learned to photograph live models with their own cameras.

There is also an evening hands on master class ($279 with the daytime workshop) that includes hands on instruction from Stephen and Bob.

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