Watch GoPro Capture This Fish Leaping Through the Air to Bite This Man’s Nipple


Nature is a wonderful thing – there are times it entrances us with its hypnotic beauty…and there are other times when it just makes us laugh a ball off.  Today, we’re exploring the latter.

Wyatt Green of Boater’s Outlet was chilling with the fishes (literally, no metaphor implied) at Lake Powell in Utah when things got a little frisky.  While filming some tiny fish swimming around him (why, exactly, we’re not sure), one of them leapt from the water and quickly got to second base with Wyatt, latching onto his nipple.  (Yes, Mr. Media Censorship, men have nipples, too.)

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Watch As a Huge Eagle Attacks Drone In Midair, Sending It Crashing to the Ground


Drones seem to be regularly under attack, sometimes from lawmakers, and often from disgruntled neighbors.  But rarely do we see it under attack from the air.  Let’s change that, shall we?

Australian photographer Adam Lancaster was taking his DJI Phantom out for an aerial stroll through the bushes of Victoria when a winged guardian of the skies took exception to its presence.  In exciting footage of the encounter, a Wedge-Tailed Eagle flying nearby is seen attacking the drone midair, sending it plummeting to the ground.

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California Paddleboarders Follow Great White Sharks to Get a Selfie


When you hear about human-shark interactions it’s usually about shark attacks or sharks swimming nearby people. Even when there’s no sign of aggression whatsoever, the media rarely misses the opportunity to play on peoples’ fear of sharks and draw some attention.

This video, captured by a paddleboarder with a GoPro, is rather unusual though. Not only did Courtney Hemerick and Joseph Trucksess encounter great white sharks at Orange County’s Sunset Beach, they actually entered the waters with their flimsy boards in order to see them.

The mission? Shark selfies, according to the Orange County Register.

Sadly, despite the fact that the duo was there by choice and was actively following the sharks, National Geographic still felt the need to sensationalize the video and make it sound as if an attack was imminent.

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Adorable Photos of Squirrels in a Backyard Studio

mishroom whisper

Geert Weggen, a Swedish photographer and carpenter, built an outdoor studio near his kitchen window. Using a bit of food to lure the squirrels, the studio allows him to capture these cute photos from the comfort of his own home.

Thanks to the various props and sets he created, Geert’s squirrels can be seen whispering to mushrooms, putting on the kettle and getting some work done in the garden.

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Santa Monica’s Mountain Lions Caught on Camera


Mountain lions, also known as pumas or cougars, are one of the largest and most powerful predators in the United States. Despite that, they are reclusive and tend to stay away from people, making it very difficult to photograph them.

A National Parks Service biologist was able to track a deer carcass thanks to the GPS coordinates from one of the mountain lions’ tracking collars, and hike to the location during the day to setup a remote camera while the animals were away. Come night time, the lions returned to the carcass and were surprised to see an unknown flashing contraption that had mysteriously shown up.

While this is not the first time mountain lions were captured by a remote camera, the animals captured in these images might account for up to a third of the entire Santa Monica Mountains population.

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Weasel Gets The Ride Of His Lifetime While Clinging To The Back Of A Flying Woodpecker; Expert Says It’s Real


Photo by Martin Le-May

East London resident, Martin Le-May captured a once in a lifetime event while visiting Hornchurch Country Park with his wife in hopes that she would be able to see a green woodpecker for the first time. They were not disappointed. After hearing a distressed squawk, which was promptly followed by a quick green flash. He pointed the bird out to his wife as they both focused their binoculars on the bird, still unclear of all that they were in store for. [Read more…]

Tom Mangelsen Explains How To Get Your Settings Right While Shooting In The Wilderness

When Shooting In
There’s no denying the fact Tom Mangelsen is a master when it comes to nature photography. Even the briefest look at his portfolio instills a level of trust in the photographer’s ability to create great photos over and over again. Which is precisely why we tend to listen, intently, when we’re presented with the opportunity to learn a thing or two from Mangelsen. [Read more…]

Is This Grizzly Bear Making A Bid For Wildlife Photographer Of The Year?

Photo by Jim Lawrence

Photo by Jim Lawrence

I’m still trying to decide if this would be a dream come true or a hair raising experience (or both?), but one thing is for certain it’s definitely a once in a lifetime moment. I caught up with Canadian based photographer Jim Lawrence, who was in the right place at the right time when this curious grizzly bear decided to have a closer look at the photographers Nikon D800. [Read more…]