Wedding Photographer Risks Life to Get The Perfect Shot

Some people have no sense.  Or too much courage.  Or something.  A video posted by the Singapore Reckless Drivers Community (apparently it’s a real problem over there) shows a photographer hanging his body halfway out a car window while going down the highway.  According to SRDC, the guy is a wedding photographer and was attempting to get the perfect shot of the wedding party in the vehicle next to him.

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Epic Star Wars Pre Wedding Shoot Done With Action Figures

SW-AdrianAdelineTitle-1Photographer Mezame Shashin-ka from Singapore loves shooting action figures and also loves shooting themed pre-weddings. So how could he say no to this opportunity of shooting a pre-wedding session based on Star Wars. The couple saw one of Mezame’s previous themed shoots and approached him with the idea.

Being a collector of action figures, Mezame came up with the idea of shooting the couple and some of the action figures and combining them in post. Results are epic.

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12 Different Types of Wedding Photographers and How to Handle Them

London Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers are a breed apart. But did you know that there are many sub-species within this group, all with their own distinctive habits? Even wildlife presenter David Attenborough would be fascinated to study these strange, wild creatures out in the field.

Selecting the right type of wedding Photographer is an important decision. You’ll be spending almost as much time with your Photographer as with your spouse on the day – so make sure you are compatible!

Many species of them have been discovered in their natural habitats – always chasing the best photograph! From our extensive research of all the wedding Photographers in existence out in the wild, the main types are listed below, along with their distinctive characteristics, their mating calls and some survival tips for you to cope with them – and their funny little ways: [Read more…]

4-Year-Old Steals the Show with Her Own Kiss At Mother’s Wedding


Most often, photo-bombers are those annoying, inebriated  trolls lurking in the shadows at parties or on the street.  But, every now and then, they come in the form of an innocent and hilarious child.

Knoxville-based photographer Leah Bullard was shooting the wedding of clients Michelle and Anthony when she asked the bride and groom to kiss.  It was at the moment that Michelle’s four-year-old daughter, Anderson, decided to steal the show and, with arm wrapped around his neck, plant a kiss firmly on the ring bearer’s lips.

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Getting Married at New York’s City Hall? Joe McNally Will Take Your Portrait for Free


Some couples get married at City Hall to save money; others do it to keep things simple.

Either way, regardless of the reason, couples getting married at New York’s City Hall during the first week of June are in for a pleasant surprise.

Renowned photographer and Nikon ambassador Joe McNally will be waiting with his team outside the City Clerk’s office on June 4th and 5th in Nikon’s custom designed 20’ Wedding Truck Studio to take newlywed portraits – for free.

The portraits will be taken as part of Nikon’s “I AM Generation Image” campaign, using Nikon’s D750 DSLR and a selection of their lenses and speedlights.

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The Futility of Ranking Top Wedding Photographers


Have you ever found yourself in the following situation? You are researching wedding photographers, either as a prospective client or as a photographer scoping out the competition, and encounter the following:

  • A photographer proudly claiming to be selected as one of the top photographers in their region
  • A wedding magazine declaring the best wedding photographers in the country
  • A photography website listing the top 100 wedding photographers in the world

On a superficial level, these designations are quite impressive. But when the fascination has subsided and the analytical part of your mind awakens and you have a good think about it, you wonder: who ranks them, and based on what, exactly? I did this and decided that most attempts to rank the top wedding photographers are an utterly meaningless endeavour.

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Just shot my first wedding, here’s what I learned


Editor’s note: Oliver Ruffus used the r/photography Reddit sub as a resource for purchasing gear as well as getting tips for shooting his first wedding. To show his gratitude, he decided to give back by talking about his first experience with a wedding so that first-timers know what to be aware of. Oliver was kind enough to allow us to share his post on DIYP as well, as his way of passing it on and helping others.

As Oliver stated, some of this info might be redundant with other sources but hopefully something new will catch someone’s eye.

I shot a wedding yesterday. Here is the gear I used:

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We are Giving Away 2 Cloud Spot Pro Plans: The Perfect Wedding Photography Platform

Update: The giveaway has ended please see info below.


If you are in the event photography business you know that proofing, client interaction and delivering and managing the photos can take a huge portion of your time. It is not a surprise that we keep seeing solutions come into this market. The latest of which is Cloud Spot, a new service co-created by SLR Lounge.

The service is similar to others in some features and differentiate in others. Similarly to Pass, Pixieset, Wix or Photoshelter you can create galleries, upload images, order prints, mark favorites and so on…

We are giving away 2 Cloud Spot pro 1-year plans to 2 lucky winners, just punch in your name and email below for a chance to win!

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Photographer Calls For Selfie Stick Free Weddings, Gets Massive Approval, Has To Take The Post Down


Many photographers don’t appreciate the fact that wedding guests use their camera and smartphone to take photos during a wedding. This is mostly because those many times interfere with the work of the photographer.

The post below surfaced on facebook and was massively shared gaining around 4,000 shares and 5,500 likes in the course of three days:

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Photographer Accused Of Charging For Album Cover Now Goes To Defamation Trial With The Client


Remember that couple – the Moldovans – who said that their photographer – Andrea Polito – made them pay extra for an album cover? The photographer since came forward with her version of the story showing evidence that she suggested the couple a free cover (and actually went above and beyond for the couple). Many news outlets, though, did not follow up on the story to vindicate Polito. And sadly, even if they did, telling a story about a photographer that is doing good is not as exciting as a photographer who is mistreating their clients and the follow up did not get as much attention.

Obviously Polito’s business took a major hit during those event and now she is seeking justice with the Moldovans. In a filing made to Dallas county Polito is asking for a jury trial for a sum between $200,000 and $1,000,000.

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