Photography Karma – I’ll Trade You A Lens For A Kitten

I'll trade you a lens for a kitten on craigslist

Wedding photography can be a roller-coaster of ups and downs.

Here’s one way to tell if you’re having a good day:

Leave a brand new Nikon 20mm f/1.8 lens laying on the ground during the park photos.  Have it found by a random passerby who proceeds to jump into her car, drive in the general direction she thought the limo went, spot the bride’s dress while she’s having her photo taken in the garden of the banquet center, pull over and return the lens.

Yes, someone found a $1000 lens sitting on the ground – then tracked down the wedding party just to return it to the wedding photographer (me).

The whole experience left me feeling really awesome about the state of the world – and also feeling like I owe someone some serious karma.

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Never-Before-Seen Images Reveal the Candid Moments From Princess Di’s Wedding Day


Everyone loves a good fairytale…or, at least my daughter does.  (Me?  Not so much…)  But it was on July 29, 1981 that the world looked on at the fairytale wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.  (Sure, it didn’t last, but so what?)

Lord Patrick Lichfield was the only photographer allowed to capture the candid moments of the royal family as they returned to Buckingham Palace for the reception after the big to-do at St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Lichfield was commissioned with compiling a private photo album for the newlyweds, but not all of his photos made the final cut.  Now these never-before-seen images have been brought to light, thanks to Lichfield’s assistant that day, and are being sold by RR Auction in Boston.

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Welcome To The Most Amazingly Photogenic Living Room Ever!

wedding photography wedding photographer bride preparing at home in livingroom wedding photos with natural window light

If you’re a wedding photographer, you’re probably used to walking into the bride’s house / bridal suite / hotel room, taking a quick glance around and then thinking….right…so how can I possibly work with this space…

Well, in this post I want to share the details of the most amazingly photogenic living room ever – and my process for photographing the bride and bride’s maids preparing.

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This Simple App Could Spell The End of Wedding Photographers


Anybody who has ever shot weddings can attest to the fact that wedding guests can be great assets or tremendous liabilities to you and your task of effectively capturing the day.  That’s about the extent of the diplomacy I can muster at this point.  Guests dancing at a reception providing awesome photo ops = Good.  Guests stepping in and trying to direct the bride and groom during their private shoot so that said guest can grab their desired shot (true story) = Little short of infuriating.  But, one app is poised to take it to a whole new level of hot-under-the-collar for photographers.

Ceremony is a free and novel little mobile app that now allows happy couples to crowdsource their wedding photos.  In other words, the bride and groom can compile an entire wedding album from each of the smartphones snapping away throughout the day, basically rendering the need for a wedding photographer moot (or, so it would seem).

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Crazy Wedding Photography with Dinosaurs, Meteor Showers and Giant Octapi


Crazy Wedding Photography – Tentacle Madness

Last year saw the rise of epic wedding photo’s featuring bridal guests running away from dinosaurs, fighting zombies, be awesome Jedi’s and so on.

A new trend was born and I decided to hop on this bandwagon and see if I could make images like these come true.

I banded together with Aqua Libra Photography for a brainstorm session, to see what we could come up with.

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How Credit Card Scam Targeting Wedding Photographers Work and How To Protect Yourself


Businesses beware! There’s a scam targeting wedding photographers

It appears that there’s a credit card scam targeting wedding photographers making its way round the Internet. Over the past several months, I’ve been contacted by a number of unimaginably eager clients-to-be requesting to reserve my wedding photography services. These messages share several common elements:

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New Bride Furious Over Blurry Photos From $60 Camera


No matter how cheap I am, I always bear in mind that sometimes you get what you pay for.  However, a recent bride doesn’t feel that way about a £40 (~$60 USD) camera she purchased to use on her honeymoon.

Kirsty Fuller, a bride from the UK, wanted to be able to have photos of her honeymoon to cherish for years to come.  With this in mind, she purchased an 18 megapixel Polaroid IE826 from Argos to take along with her to Brazil.  Upon loading the photos onto a computer at the end of the trip, she was ‘heartbroken’ to find that almost all of them were blurry very low quality.  But, it’s when she went to return the allegedly defective camera that the real fun began.

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Using Sony A7II + Mitakon 50mm F0.95 For Wedding Photography


A little about me,

First, I’m a wedding photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Second, I’m a HUGE fan of large aperture lenses. I shoot every lens almost 100% of the time at the maximum aperture possible. At any given wedding, over 90% of my photos are taken with 35mm F1.4, 85mm F1.2, and 200mm F2.0, each at its widest aperture setting. I’m also one of the few people who use F1.2/F1.4 for group shots.

I also have a Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art lens, beautiful, beautiful piece of glass, image quality is extraordinary, but I still find the aperture a bit tiny ?? That’s why I bought the Sony A7 II + Mitakon 50mm F0.95 combo, because I just simply have to have the largest aperture possible that is within my wallet depth.

I get criticised for this a lot: “What if you want to vary the DOF?”, “What if you want multiple subjects in focus?” “You’re one of those newbs who think aperture is everything” etc. blah blah

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Wedding Photographer Risks Life to Get The Perfect Shot

Some people have no sense.  Or too much courage.  Or something.  A video posted by the Singapore Reckless Drivers Community (apparently it’s a real problem over there) shows a photographer hanging his body halfway out a car window while going down the highway.  According to SRDC, the guy is a wedding photographer and was attempting to get the perfect shot of the wedding party in the vehicle next to him.

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Epic Star Wars Pre Wedding Shoot Done With Action Figures

SW-AdrianAdelineTitle-1Photographer Mezame Shashin-ka from Singapore loves shooting action figures and also loves shooting themed pre-weddings. So how could he say no to this opportunity of shooting a pre-wedding session based on Star Wars. The couple saw one of Mezame’s previous themed shoots and approached him with the idea.

Being a collector of action figures, Mezame came up with the idea of shooting the couple and some of the action figures and combining them in post. Results are epic.

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