Just shot my first wedding, here’s what I learned


Editor’s note: Oliver Ruffus used the r/photography Reddit sub as a resource for purchasing gear as well as getting tips for shooting his first wedding. To show his gratitude, he decided to give back by talking about his first experience with a wedding so that first-timers know what to be aware of. Oliver was kind enough to allow us to share his post on DIYP as well, as his way of passing it on and helping others.

As Oliver stated, some of this info might be redundant with other sources but hopefully something new will catch someone’s eye.

I shot a wedding yesterday. Here is the gear I used:

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We are Giving Away 2 Cloud Spot Pro Plans: The Perfect Wedding Photography Platform

Update: The giveaway has ended please see info below.


If you are in the event photography business you know that proofing, client interaction and delivering and managing the photos can take a huge portion of your time. It is not a surprise that we keep seeing solutions come into this market. The latest of which is Cloud Spot, a new service co-created by SLR Lounge.

The service is similar to others in some features and differentiate in others. Similarly to Pass, Pixieset, Wix or Photoshelter you can create galleries, upload images, order prints, mark favorites and so on…

We are giving away 2 Cloud Spot pro 1-year plans to 2 lucky winners, just punch in your name and email below for a chance to win!

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Photographer Calls For Selfie Stick Free Weddings, Gets Massive Approval, Has To Take The Post Down


Many photographers don’t appreciate the fact that wedding guests use their camera and smartphone to take photos during a wedding. This is mostly because those many times interfere with the work of the photographer.

The post below surfaced on facebook and was massively shared gaining around 4,000 shares and 5,500 likes in the course of three days:

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Photographer Accused Of Charging For Album Cover Now Goes To Defamation Trial With The Client


Remember that couple – the Moldovans – who said that their photographer – Andrea Polito – made them pay extra for an album cover? The photographer since came forward with her version of the story showing evidence that she suggested the couple a free cover (and actually went above and beyond for the couple). Many news outlets, though, did not follow up on the story to vindicate Polito. And sadly, even if they did, telling a story about a photographer that is doing good is not as exciting as a photographer who is mistreating their clients and the follow up did not get as much attention.

Obviously Polito’s business took a major hit during those event and now she is seeking justice with the Moldovans. In a filing made to Dallas county Polito is asking for a jury trial for a sum between $200,000 and $1,000,000.

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Photographer Reportedly Says “Sue Me” After Being Accused Of Printing Racial Slur On Wedding Photos

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A Texas based photography company is being sued by a couple who rented a photobooth from Premier Photography for their August 2012 wedding. It has recently surfaced that some of the wedding reception attendees who used the photobooth had received prints with the racial slur “Poor N***** Party” printed on the bottom of their photos. Among one of those were the bride’s sister, who among other guests, graciously kept the concern to themselves to allow the bride and groom to enjoy their special day.

However, when the couple became aware of the mishap, they contacted Premier Photography owner, James Evans, seeking an explanation and an apology. The claim the only response they received from the photographer was, “Sue me.[Read more…]

Brush Up On Your Skills With 20 Free Wedding Photography Video Tutorials From Profoto

weddingWedding season is just around the corner, so there’s no time like now to learn some new tricks and brush up on your existing skills. In this series produced by Profoto, wedding photographer veterans, Justin and Mary Marantz, take you on a walk through of 20 different weddings, explaining lighting setups, must-have shots, and walk through of showing you exactly how they photograph in different settings and locations. The videos were made over the course of year, so you get a wide range of scenarios to learn from.

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Album Cover Fee Story Followup – An Open Letter From The Photographer


A few days ago we covered a story about a couple in dispute with a photographer over ‘Album Cover Fees’. The story went incredibly viral getting coverage on around the blogosphere (dailymail, NBC 5, Petapixel, dpreview and DIYP were among the outlets who covered the story). In all this coverage (us included) there was no deep response from the photographer mentioned. Recently she posted an open letter which we are sharing here with her permission.

This is a classic he-said-she-said story and we are not taking any sides. We do think that it is important not to have the (serious) allegations unanswered, and for the sake of balance and giving Polito a fair chance to comment. We are also sharing the letter that came from Polito prior to the thing going viral that one of the commenter’s to the original story uploaded. [Read more…]