Couple Has Wedding Video Stolen From Photographer’s Car

Whenever I’ve shot weddings, I’ve had nightmares about things going wrong, from malfunctioning equipment to missing important shots to losing the images I captured. However, for one couple and their wedding videographer, those nightmares became a reality.

Los Angeles couple Alejandra and Brian received a call from their videographer a day after their wedding stating that the memory cards containing the footage from their special day were stolen. According to KTLA5, the cards were with the photographer’s cameras and other gear inside his parked car when it was broken into sometime overnight.
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We are Giving Away 2 Cloud Spot Pro Plans: The Perfect Wedding Photography Platform

Update: The giveaway has ended please see info below.


If you are in the event photography business you know that proofing, client interaction and delivering and managing the photos can take a huge portion of your time. It is not a surprise that we keep seeing solutions come into this market. The latest of which is Cloud Spot, a new service co-created by SLR Lounge.

The service is similar to others in some features and differentiate in others. Similarly to Pass, Pixieset, Wix or Photoshelter you can create galleries, upload images, order prints, mark favorites and so on…

We are giving away 2 Cloud Spot pro 1-year plans to 2 lucky winners, just punch in your name and email below for a chance to win!

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This Infographic Shows You What It Really Means To Be A Wedding Photographer


If you’ve been considering taking the plunge into the world of professional, or even semi-professional, photography you may want to take a look at this clever infographic designed by a professional wedding photographer in Italy, Francesco Spighi. Though it is aimed at brides to be, shedding some light on the realities of being a wedding photographer, it’s also serves as a reality check for anyone considering starting their own photography business.
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How To Become A Wedding Photographer In 10 Easy Steps – Photographers Hate This

Starting a career as a wedding photographer is EASY – all you have to do is follow these 10 EASY STEPS TO BECOME A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER!

If you have ever wanted to start a fun, glamorous and profitable ($$$$!!!) career as a wedding photographer, I will share the secret to success that professional wedding photographers don’t want you to know.


The best part is that you don’t even need to know how to use a camera – or even have a camera to get started!

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