Von Wong on the Importance of Problem Solving in Photography

Photo: Von Wong

Photo: Von Wong

Von Wong is the photographer behind some of the most epic images created in recent years and even his most simple photos tend to have something rather magnificent about them.

Obviously a lot of hard work goes into each photo, but what viewers don’t know is just how much planning, organizing, adjusting and adapting is involved in such complicated, yet low-budget, productions.

In his recent blog post, Von Wong describes how he handled various setbacks such as the centerpiece props not arriving, unexpected logistic tasks and shooting an entire photoshoot on a Sony a7R camera he’s never used before – all while being 10,000 miles away from home.

While his story makes for a good read, he doesn’t stop at just detailing specific solutions to the difficulties encountered on his recent shoot in Australia. Von Wong also shares insight that will help you get the job done in the best way possible, no matter what goes wrong.

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Von Wong and a Glimpse of the Other Side – Photographs from inside a Malaysian royal palace


Ben Von Wong is a great friend. No, we may have never spoken or emailed or seen each other in person, but in my mind we go way back. (There’s a lot of people I know in my imagination…I’m quite the popular fellow, my therapist says.) Yet, even better than a friend, Ben makes an awesome photographer, and we’ve previously featured his work here…and here…and here… You get the idea. He’s practically family.

Recently, Ben and a team of creative professionals had the opportunity to photograph and video The Royal Istana of Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia’s newest royal palace. The palace is off-limits to the general public and access is only granted on an invitation-only basis. I mean, what rich and powerful guy wants his local deli clerk just strolling into his thirteenth living room while he and his harem are seated in a circle reading Twilight?

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A Photoshoot at a Shipwreck: Part Two of Von Wong’s Epic Underwater Project

About a month back, we featured an immersive and exhilarating underwater project done by photographer Von Wong. For those that never looked into it, Von Wong was the man behind a photoshoot done completely underwater – and it wasn’t anything I’d ever seen before. Before his work caught my eye, no photographic work done near at a shipwreck was quite as captivating at all. And if you haven’t seen it by now, you’re about to.

Back when we first posted about it, we featured a video that Von Wong uploaded to accompany his work, detailing the introductory basics of what it took to execute a project like that. It’s a privilege for me to introduce his next part in the making of this project: the second part to his video series, giving you an in-depth look behind the scenes at exactly how this photoshoot was executed.

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