How To Build a Portable DIY Travel Jib / Shoulder Rig

A few days ago we shared a quick sneak peak at the RotoRig – A light weight jib that resembles Light Craft’s trapezist, Zolinger’s ZP1800 and DSLR devices MK4. It’s the kind of jib (or crane) that lets you do amazing Hollywood style sweeping shots. But, in some aspects it is even better. If you are a solo shooter and have to carry your gear alone, the RotoRig saves you from having to carry multiple rigs. It doubles as a video shoulder rig and triples as a hand held jib. We also shared a shot flick shot entirely with the rig in its three positions, and the fact that it can so easily transforms really makes me sad that they did not have a movie autobot back in the days.

The response has been overwhelming and basically everyone said the same thing? How do you build one? In fact, Amazon’s stock of the monopods was nuked.

How To Build a Portable DIY Travel Jib / Shoulder Rig

Well, Chad Bredahl is not the guy to keep you waiting and he put up a video showing how the rig was built. He also shared a complete parts list (as noted below). So everyone who grabbed the monopods off Amazon before the price went up can go ahead and complete the build. For the rest of you, Walmart has them for $9.99. [Read more…]

A Portable DIY Travel Jib / Shoulder Rig

When I get asked what’s the first thing an HD shooter should get to boost production value, I usually say a slider. But things are changing and light weight jibs are starting to emerge and take the spot of the first thing you may wanna buy for added production value.

A Portable DIY Travel Jib / Shoulder Rig

DSLR devices makes the MK4 for about $350 and Zolinger makes the coveted ZP1800 for $750. Both would be a good start in the jib world. Chad Bredahl made a DIY jib – The RotoRig – that is not only travel friendly, but also doubles as a shoulder rig and a hand held jib. (which used with the IS-enabled 18-55 Canon kit lens is way more stable that what I would have thought possible).

To make his point Chad made a short movie made entirely with jib/shoulder rig shots using the RotoRig. [Read more…]

Building A Smooth Portable Video Dolly From Scraps

Photographer Patrick Luke built quite a clever video Dolly. While we have had our share of dollies and sliders before, I don’t think I’ve seen something this cost effective yet.

Building A Portable Video Dolly From Scraps

Here is a break down, curtsey of Patrick. We did not put any sizes down as those may vary depending on how wide or long you would like your dolly to be, but the guidelines should provide enough direction if you would like to build your own. [Read more…]

Can Bokeh Be Used for Watermarking Videos?

I got an interesting mail from Alaa Abi Haidar (facebook) today, it tell a short story of a stolen footage and suggests an interesting solution on watermarking videos using shaped bokeh.

Can Bokeh Be Used for Watermarking Videos?

Here is the story:

“The clip below was an experimental attempt to automatically watermark clips and stills after one of my fashion clips was edited and broadcasted by one of the commercial regional TV channels in France without my consent and without any credit.

In fact the credit was cut off the original clip. However, for the time being, I prefer not to disclose any information about the TV and the people involved in the process.

[Read more…]

DIY DSLR PVC Shoulder Rig

DIY DSLR PVC Shoulder Rig

The folks at the Slanted Lens decided to Get a bit DIYish this weekend and came up with a PVC DIY shoulder rig.

It’s a bit different from the designs they are floating around the web and the entire build is about 10$. Basically it’s a bunch of PVC parts, a 1/4-20 screw and some optional electrical tape. It looks pretty nice, thought the angle on the shoulder looks a bit weird. [Read more…]

How To Build A Through-The-Window Camera Car Mount

shooting scenes through windows of moving cars is not a trivial thing. While shooting scenes through a car-window can be done with a green screen, film maker Tom Antos shows another way of doing this without getting a car in a studio. Tom builds a simple rig that can be attached to a car door, and hold a camera.

How To Build A Through-The-Window Camera Car Mount

While the rig is pretty simple to build, it is kinda scary to add acting to the many tasks you face as a driver (or to add driving to the many tasks you face as an actor). [Read more…]

How To Convert A Time-lapse Intervalometer To A Slider Controller

Andy Pearson wanted to introduce some sliding motion into his Parkour time-lapse footage with Parkour Generations. He already had a Varavon slider and only needed a way to consistently and remotely move the camera on the slider. (So the drill trick ain’t gonna work).

How To Convert A Time-lapse Intervalometer To A Timelapse Controller

Andy took a different direction, using the output of an intervalometer to control the starting and stopping of the slider. While the video quality is not all that great, it packs a huge amount of info on building this type of motion control.

Andy was kind enough to allow us to place the video and tutorial on DIYP. If you have any questions, hit the comments. [Read more…]

The Easiest DIY Slider I’ve Ever Seen

Most of you know that I love sliders and that using a slider in a video shoot is a great way to get more value in your video production.

The Easiest DIY Slider I've Ever Seen

This next slider from pixelriffic is not the fanciest slider, but it is the kind of slider that you can build for about $20, a trip to home depot and one hour of work. It has no moving parts, and everything about it is off the shelf parts (even the felt is precut).

Definitely something to keep in mind if you get stuck without a slider in a parking lot next to a home depot and only have 1 hour till the shoot starts. [Read more…]

DIY Remote Controlled Table Dolly

maker Jacques Productions is a master of building things that a remote controlled. In this video he shares his remote controlled table dolly. The basic ingredients are a receiver unit, a servo, a LiPo battery and a roller-skate.

The thing that surprised me was how smooth the camera movement is. Jacques is actually using the trim function on the remote to get very subtle movement.

[Read more…]

How To Build A DIY Frugal Crane 2.0

After posting that last DIY Jib Video we had some complains about the fact that there are better, more functional and easier builds to make.

While we shared some easier/cheaper jibs in the past, we thought that this was more of a full blown job and was worth a share.

How To Build A DIY Frugal Crane 2.0

Reader Rick pointed out that The Frugal Filmmaker has one of the best DIY crane/jib tutorials out there called the Frugal Crane 2.0. Unlike most DIY jibs it only uses 1 rod. So leveling and control is achieved with a garage door pulley and vinyl coated line. [Read more…]